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Voices of Strength

Coming together to silence stigma

Stigma divides us. It isolates us and stands in the way of people making progress. “Voices of Strength” is a video series that celebrates personal stories of strength, perseverance, and triumph in the face of stigma. Together, our voices can silence the stigma surrounding HIV.

Carmarion's Story

Carmarion’s story is one of resilience in the face of stigma—love triumphing over hate. See how she is working as a force of change in the community.

Douglas’s Story

Come along for Douglas’s journey with HIV: from his diagnosis in the early days of the epidemic to confronting stigma to finding acceptance, freedom, and happiness.

Evan’s Story

As a transgender man in the military, Evan faced bias and discrimination. He recounts his story about overcoming stigma and finding pride in being himself.

Jamell's Story

See how Jamell has moved past silence and stigma to find a sense of liberation in living his truth and sharing his story.

Sadiya's Story

Sadiya's experience with overcoming stigma surrounding her identity has taken her from a place of fear and isolation to finding both a community and self-acceptance.

Cleve's Story

Learn the inspiration behind the AIDS Memorial Quilt, and how Cleve's advocacy has changed hearts and minds since the early days of the HIV epidemic.

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