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USCHA 2022

It has been more than two years since the HIV community has been together for the US Conference on HIV/AIDS (USCHA). This year, we are back in person, in beautiful Puerto Rico, shining a much-needed light on the impact of HIV on the Puerto Rican and Hispanic/Latino communities. Gilead HIV is proud to be the presenting sponsor of this momentous conference, taking place in San Juan, PR, from October 8 to 11. We look forward to coming together as a community, celebrating progress in HIV care, and convening around driving urgency in HIV amid competing health priorities, such as the COVID-19 pandemic and now monkeypox.1-3

Throughout the conference, Gilead Sciences will be hosting numerous programs, events, activations, and an educational booth. We hope you will stop by to connect with us.

Celebrating the Art of La Brega to Help End the HIV Epidemic
Plenary SessionSunday, October 911:30 AM – 1:30 PM ET

“La Brega” loosely translates to “the hustle” or “the struggle.”4,5 It speaks to the tenacity and ingenuity that the Puerto Rican people demonstrate when responding to life’s challenges. La Brega expresses a sense of solidarity and pride in the way Puerto Ricans face and overcome adversity.5 While there have been significant obstacles since the beginning of the HIV epidemic, the community continues to persevere and lead the way toward a better future.6,7 Even with the unprecedented challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, the HIV community has responded with characteristic determination and innovation.8 Join us for a plenary luncheon celebrating La Brega and the unwavering resolve of the HIV community to help bring about the end of the HIV epidemic.

Blind Angels Activation
Floor 3 Near Plenary Ballroom

We are excited to showcase Blind Angels: A Series on HIV in the American South to USCHA. Blind Angels is a six-part docuseries produced with Courageous Studios, a brand studio of HLN and CNN. Each of the episodes features grassroots advocates working to bring HIV awareness, education, prevention, and care to their communities. Check out the Blind Angels activation on the third floor to explore the series and watch episodes celebrating advocates helping end the HIV epidemic in their communities. You can also view the series online at


Gilead is excited to host several workshops throughout USCHA, focusing on a range of topics related to the HIV epidemic today:

  • Using Data for Action: Achieving Equity in PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis) Use
    (hosted by AIDSVu, a partnership between Rollins School of Public Health at Emory University and Gilead Sciences)
    Saturday, October 81:45 PM – 3:45 PM ET
  • We’ve Been Here Before! Applying Lessons Learned to Address the Southern Syndemic
    (hosted by COMPASS (COMmitment to Partnership in Addressing HIV/AIDS in Southern States) Initiative® Coordinating Centers)
    Sunday, October 94:00 PM – 6:00 PM ET
  • Making Room for Our Multiple Needs: Elevating the Importance of HIV Care Amid Competing Public Health Crises
    (hosted by Gilead Community Leaders)
    Monday, October 102:00 PM – 4:00 PM ET
Faith Service Pop-up

(partnership with Wake Forest Coordinating Center and Balm in Gilead that highlights the role that faith can play in helping end the HIV epidemic)

Sunday, October 97:00 PM – 8:00 PM ET
Exhibit Booth

Visit booth #504 to learn about Gilead HIV’s commitment to helping end the HIV epidemic—take a photo, share what you live for, and connect with a Gilead Community Leader.

Visit our website to explore our latest resources on helping end the epidemic and our ongoing commitment to those living with and at risk for HIV.

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